Education Standard?

My nephew is also in Army public school reading in fourth class, yesterday captain called me when i went to school he threatened that your children will be expelled if he tried to make noise in the class, I was made undersign on affidavit too, i begged his pardon and when they brought him in front of me, one soldier along with his teacher Khurram were blaming him, both of them were complaining against him in
front of the kid, after all my nephew was totally dishearten, he has become a heartless kid in the school now, when he came home I had no words or intention to beat him because he was already shocked what he saw in school and even he didn’t take his launch. I have never made a complaint regarding any thing even after knowing what’s going on between male and female teachers & even military officers. There is also a big security lapse in APS for not having security cameras on the walls. My nephew is an orphan and according to the APS rule of law, he will pay no more fees whatever I have witnessed. Such practice is still continued and the kids are being tortured psychologically.

on the other hand there are government schools out there in my native town, many of them are closed for a long time, these are ghost schools, any time when I wanted to make complaints against the closed government schools but all in vain. Think what is going on in Education sector here and these future brains will operate for us in future!!! - Asad Khan Betini

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