Education Standard ... ???

I get a chance to check my neighboor's child Science Book of Class 4 and I am really shocked to see what type of Brains we are developing for Pakistan.
Situation in Government School is wrost specially where free books are given.
Before that I used to appreciate Mr Shahbaz Shareef efforts for Education Sector, but after having a communication with that Kid .... Sorry no more good words for present and previous BA/FA/MATRIC FAIL ADMINISTRATIONS of Pakistan specially those who used to deal with Education Ministry !

Let me share the exact wording of that kid, when I ask her about how she is taught in school specially in Science Subject.

"Baji our teacher come, she used to write on board and we just copy and then she check our note books"
beta did she explain you also the concept of Our Body .... Cell-Tissue-Organ-System ..... etc ?
No Baji, she just write on board and we copy ! "

when I pay a courage to look at her note book, It was alarming to see "VERY GOOD" remarks on that page which contain 6 major mistakes ! (no idea who was sleeping, the kid while copying or teacher while checking or both during copying and checking .... anyways)
when I ask the kid what she understand, then it was her turn to show me a daring act of innocent smile with front teeth gone with mouse and rest enjoying their place gracefully :-D

So my dear friends, this is the present STANDARD OF EDUCATION in GOVERNMENT FEDERAL SCHOOLs IN ISLAMABAD, .... what about the Provincial Governement Schools .... ???

I remember my time, hardly approximately 15 years ago, in Government School situation was not that much nastiest, at least our teacher used to explain a bit and clear our concept and syllabus was quite digestable but now honestly speaking I reject whole updated syllabus and teachers competencies too.

With simple addition of updated info taken from internet and giving it a place in Text Books of Punjab and Federal without sequence is not sufficient for improving education standard !!!!
Bring some synchronization, update syllabus properly plus TEACHER TRAINING along with an increment in their salaries so that they feel relaxed and more devoted towards delievering their best !

Rest ALLAH knows better , who is fooling who ?
but one thing is sure, we are sleeping nation. we can just speak on those issues which have no direct link with us but when such concerns/problems are highlighted directly affecting our families, we simply read, appreciate and ignore. Our kids are getting CONFUSED EDUCATION IN WORST ATMOSPHERE and for sure its affecting their innocent mind also but we are not ready to pay attention to it or raise voice for it ...

For us, stupid game of leg pulling by Third Class Politicians is more important, case of Mukhtaran Mai is more important ............ etc

Dr Hina

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